MAGNOLIA (B&B Press; November 2012), Garcia-Aguilera’s new novel, is a clever, witty and engaging story where two great American pastimes -- sex and sports -- come together. The reader will follow the story of Magnolia Larson, a beautiful, twenty-two year old woman from a conservative, Catholic Minneapolis family, as she transforms herself into a kind of “sports geisha,” a high priced hooker for elite athletes. An irresistible page-turner, MAGNOLIA is a sensual smorgasbord of racy encounters, playful fantasy and everything in between. Read more

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Praise for Magnolia

  • "Magnolia is an enticing novel of romance and growing up, very much recommended reading."
    ---Midwest Book Review

  • "'s Best Fiction Books of 2012 Honorable Mention: Magnolia by Carolina Garcia-Aguilera Garcia-Aguilera writes about the travails of Magnolia Larson, a sort of female version of Richard Gere’s American Gigolo, whose move to Miami and subsequent break up leaves her high and dry until she starts turning tricks as a ‘sports geisha.’ Garcia-Aguilera’s imagination is on fire in this departure from her Lupe Solano mystery series."

  • "Magnolia is so sexy and sultry, it should be dripping sweat among other body fluids. Part romance, part sports Kama Sutra, part marvelous fun, this pay-to-play  page turner of a beautiful woman's journey as a sports geisha  is as caliente and entertaining as Miami itself."
    --Brian Antoni, author of the acclaimed book, South Beach: The Novel

  • "Garcia-Aguilera creates a lovably imperfect heroine in this Pretty Woman–type tale...readers will fall in love with Magnolia in this engaging tale of what unexpected choices can be made when one’s back is against the wall."
    ---Publishers Weekly

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One Hot Summer Movie

Carolina's seventh novel, One Hot Summer, was made into a movie by Lifetime Television. The movie was released on July 26, 2009. Check out the trailer!

About the Author

Carolina Garcia-Aguilera

Cuban-born, Miami Beach–based Carolina Garcia-Aguilera is the author of ten books as well as a contributor to many anthologies, but she is perhaps best known for her Lupe Solano mystery series. Read more