Carolina Garcia-Aguilera's short stories have been published in numerous mystery anthologies. The corresponding title for each of Carolina's stories are below in italics

Silent Night, Deadly Night

I Knew at Once He Had to Die
Classic Christmas carol with a twist of crime
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Fifty Shades of Grey Fedora

The Policy
Ned Hillstone, a disbarred lawyer, now private investigator, is currently working for an insurance company to investigate whether or not a multi-million dollar life insurance policy taken out by a very wealthy, successful artist who died under mysterious circumstances should be paid out to his widow.)
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Kwik Krimes

Miami based Cuban-American private investigator Marisol Martinez is retained by a man who claims to have no recollection of what had taken place two nights before, when he had gone to a party on South Beach wearing one costume and had woken in a strange bed up wearing another.
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Hit List - The Best of Latino Mystery

The Right Profile
Maria Magdalena Morales, a Miami based private investigator, has been retained by a family law attorney to prove that a deadbeat father can pay child support to his client, something he has successfully avoided doing for years.
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Havana Noir

The Dinner
In 1992, in Cuba, during the “Special Period” life was a brutal, never ending struggle to survive. In spite of all the hardships, seventy year old Luis Rodriguez-Lopez was determined to host a lavish dinner party for his friends, a goal that had devastating results.
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Miami Noir

The Recipe
Lilly Ramos, a Miami private investigator, has been retained by a criminal defense attorney to interview his elderly Cuban client who is in jail for having feed his neighbor some meat that he had barbqued with special marinade containing poison. Lilly’s husband, Rob, has just told Lilly that she has to put down Royal, her twelve-year old rescued dog. Lilly becomes very interested in the type of poisonous marinade that her client used to murder his neighbor.
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Mystery Street

Washington Avenue
Miami private investigator Lupe Solano is hired to investigate the murders of several gay men who have died after drinking liquor combined with GHB, a potent drug. During the course of her investigations, Lupe has to immerse herself into the seedy side of South Beach’s club scene.
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Mystery in the Sunshine State

Death By Pliers
Michael Maloney, a Miami criminal defense attorney, was court appointed to represent a Mexican migrant worker from Homestead, who was accused of murdering a young hooker during a drunken fight outside the apartment building where they lived. Client insists he did not do it. The private investigator that Maloney retained to investigate the case, believed in their client’s innocence, and set about to prove it.
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