Lupe Solano Mystery Series

Bloody Waters

In Lupe’s literary debut, the savvy and stylish P.I. is hired by Lucia and Jose Antonio Moreno to find the birth mother of their year-and-a-half old adopted daughter, Michelle. The young girl suffers from a rare, inherited disease that can only be cured through a bone-marrow transplant from the birth mother.

Bloody Shame

Jewelry store owner Alonso Arango Sr. shoots would-be robber Gustavo Gaston six times. Arango claims Gaston threatened him with a knife. Prominent Miami defense attorney Tommy MacDonald hopes to prove Arango acted in self-defense.

Bloody Secrets

On the eve of the Cuban revolution, Luis Delgado’s father and Miguel de la Torre agreed to liquidate their holdings and leave Cuba. Miguel escaped to Miami and the de la Torre’s went on to become one of the city’s most prominent families. Luis’ father died in Castro’s jails and the Delgados remained trapped in Cuba. Decades later, Luis arrives in Miami by raft, determined to recover his family’s money.

A Miracle In Paradise

Lupe dabbles with Catholicism and the phenomenon of revealed miracles in this the fourth book in the Lupe Solano series. The Order of the Illumination of the Sacred Virgin, a Miami Catholic order that has produced verified miracles in the past, prophesies that the statue of the Virgin at a reverred Cuban shrine will shed actual tears on the anniversary of Cuban independence.

Havana Heat

While attending a Cuban-American society wedding, Lupe Solano is approached by Lucia Mendoza, the matriarch of a prominent exile family. The mission: Lupe must recover a centuries-old tapestry, originally a gift from Queen Isabella to Christopher Columbus, from its hiding place at the Mendoza ancestral home in Havana so that the dying Lucia can see it one last time.

Bitter Sugar

Private property was stolen and livelihoods destroyed in the wake of Castro’s Cuban revolution, breeding bitterness and rage- which in turn breed murder.

Bloody Twist

Bloody Twist is the seventh novel in the Bloody Series (three murders per book or your money is refunded) featuring Lupe Solano, the Cuban-American private investigator who lives and works in Miami.

Other Books by Carolina

One Hot Summer

During the span of a summer, anything can happen. Former lovers return, husbands lose all rationale, and family can suffocate a person more than the sweltering humidity of a late Florida afternoon.

Luck of the Draw

Gambling runs through the blood of the Navarro family. And like the luck needed to score big, the Navarro clan will certainly need a lot of it if they’re going to hold themselves together through a hilariously high stakes game of family history and secrets.


Magnolia is a clever, witty and engaging story where two great American pastimes — sex and sports — come together. The reader will follow the story of Magnolia Larson, a beautiful, twenty-two year old woman from a conservative, Catholic Minneapolis family, as she transforms herself into a kind of “sports geisha,” a high priced hooker for elite athletes.

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