Bloody Twist

Bloody Twist is the seventh novel in the Bloody Series (three murders per book or your money is refunded) featuring Lupe Solano, the Cuban-American private investigator who lives and works in Miami.

Two years after having been shot, (Bitter Sugar), Lupe is back on the job, helping Tommy MacDonald, Miami’s premiere criminal defense attorney and sometime lover, with a case involving his new client, the mysterious Madeline Marie Meadows. Twenty-two year old Ms. Meadows is Miami’s highest paid call girl (her rate: $5,000 per hour), expensive, to be sure, especially in light of the fact that she is a virgin. Although Ms. Meadows has not been charged with any crime, she has taken the precaution of retaining Mr. MacDonald because she feels that it is highly likely that she will be. Ms. Meadows reports that she has been interviewed by Miami Homicide Detective Maxwell Anderson in relation to the murders of two men she knows well: Dr. Steinberg, the ob-gyn who verifies that she is a virgin and Mr. Robinson, a wealthy developer who is her steady client. Although Tommy is drawn to his newest client- originally from Dubuque, Iowa, Ms. Meadows is gorgeous, with a natural blond beauty not often seen in Miami’s plastic surgery happy town- he is skeptical of her story, and asks Lupe to begin an investigation.

In a race against time, Lupe finds herself conducting in effect, two investigations: the first, finding out who murdered three men; and the second, discovering who the ‘real’ Madeline Marie Meadows really is. Along the way, Lupe has to deal with such diverse elements as Napoleon and Josephine, Ms. Meadow’s killer Chihuahuas, as well as the Loredo twins, Ms. Meadows’ pimps, marketing geniuses who thought up the hook of labeling her as ‘Miami’s highest paid call girl who is a virgin’. Lupe enlists the help of her friend, Sweet Suzanne, the well-known Miami madam, and Nestor, the crack investigator to achieve that goal.

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